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Remember when you had to call a technician to come on-site every time there was a slow computer or your printer needed to be fixed? With our ManagedIT Remote Management services, you receive proactive, fast support at a fraction of the price of traditional, on-site support. You'll have peace of mind knowing our managed services team is closely monitoring your network infrastructure and meeting your tech needs before they turn into problems.

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Benefits of Remote Management

Our ManagedIT service team can handle the bulk of your IT support remotely and proactively. This means your issues are resolved much faster than the traditional break-fix-support model. With 24/7 active server monitoring, our managed services team will quickly identify and resolve your network infrastructure issues.

With less on-site labor, remote management is a cost-effective approach. Many issues, whether a computer virus or a server problem, can be remediated quickly and remotely. This will result in more cost-savings with fewer losses from technology downtime.

How Does it Work?

Our expert technicians will utilize our complex monitoring system and proprietary tools to monitor and support your network in a proactive manner. In fact, our managed services team will often identify, address and resolve problems within your network infrastructure without you even knowing a problem existed. You will simply receive an update after we have fixed the bug or patched the server. That's the beauty of remote management!

Network Management

Your network is the backbone of your organization. With the ability to remotely detect, prevent and eliminate soft spots in your infrastructure, we'll keep your network running smoothly. Along with servers, PCs and tablets, our ManagedIT team also provides remote support for IoT and headless devices.

Network Security

You'll find that security is our top priority and is a common thread throughout all of our solutions. Through our managed services plans, we can provide your company with everything you need to stay protected: cutting edge antivirus and anti-malware solutions, web filtering, two-factor authentication for local and remote access, firewall support, email phishing protection, and much more.

Active Server Monitoring

Through Active Server Monitoring, we will watch your network 24/7, and proactively address suspicious activity. We do this by constantly monitoring critical services and logs. We immediately create a service ticket to remediate issues, so we can always stay on top of the health of your server(s).

Workstation Support

To get fast, on-call workstation support, just email or call our helpdesk! A ticket will be automatically generated and assigned to the next available technician. Whether a computer is slow, software isn't working like it should, or a server needs to be rebooted, our team will work quickly to resolve your issue. We'll do what we can to keep you up and running, while communicating effectively throughout the process.

Patch Management

We'll routinely apply patches as needed to fix bugs and other security vulnerabilities. We will also apply patches to keep your machine up-to-date. The good news is our technicians work with every customer to set up a unique time frame for your routine maintenance. We apply updates in a way that minimally interrupts your business's work flow.

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