You've Signed Up for ManagedIT Services… Now What?

Welcome aboard! At Standard Computer Systems, we understand the high-level of trust our customers place in us to provide exceptional ManagedIT Services. We look forward to exceeding your expectations by keeping your technology running smoothly and quickly responding to your support needs.

Common Questions

What does the client onboarding process look like?

As a new managed services customer, we'll go through a thorough client onboarding process. Over the course of several weeks, your Account Manager will rigorously audit your existing IT infrastructure. They will comb through everything your company is currently using or doing in terms of your IT--firewall, anti-virus, spam filtering, work stations, vendor software, etc.--while also documenting anything that's not working well.

Through the onboarding process, the Standard Computer Systems team will elevate your IT infrastructure. They will remove the pain points you are experiencing and streamline your IT management processes. Whatever the issues may be, whether your back up solution isn't working or your QuickBooks keeps unexpectedly shutting down, our team will readily resolve your IT frustrations. Once we have your technology working smoothly and up-to-speed, we will begin the process of proactive remote management. We'll prevent countless issues from occurring with our 24/7 monitoring and by frequently applying patches and updates.


How do we report an issue?

We know IT support needs come up and we'll address them quickly and seamlessly for you. To get get started, you can submit a service ticket.

You can submit a service ticket three ways:

  1. Workstation:  On your computer, there will be a gear icon you can right click and select "create service ticket" to quickly send your support request to our team.
  2. Email: Email us at as another way to generate a service ticket.
  3. Phone: Call us at 616-235-6860 x 811 especially if you have an emergency or urgent need.

By providing very detailed notes in your ticket, we can spend less time asking you questions and get your issues rapidly resolved.


What you can expect in terms of ongoing communication?

Our team makes a concerted effort to stay in communication with you through monthly reporting, a quarterly VCIO meeting, as well as occasional on-site visits from our friendly technicians.

You will receive a monthly report from our team showing you a comprehensive view of the work we did for you over the past 30 days.

Our VCIO will meet with you to review a summary of your IT management over the past quarter, such as how many work stations you added and how many service tickets were closed. The VCIO will also provide strategic ways to troubleshoot recurring issues and pain points. 

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