Will you recover when disaster strikes?
93% of companies without a disaster recovery plan, who suffer a major data disaster, are out of business within one year. Disaster Recovery is a key piece of our ManagedIT services. If you aren't properly equipped to face a disaster head-on, we can help you make a plan today!
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Here are just a few ways your organization could be at risk. Are you prepared?


Natural Disaster

Internet Outages

Data Corruption

Hardware Failure



Disgruntled Employees



With ManagedIT, you're covered!

The strength of your Disaster Recovery strategy will determine if, or how well, you're able to overcome disaster. An effective plan specifies how you will continue operations, maintain business continuity, recover any lost data, and minimize downtime. As part of our ManagedIT service plans, we'll help your organization develop a thorough, strategic, and well-documented response plan to overcome any obstacle. After an extensive network analysis, we will assist you through the following steps:

Defining Goals

The end solution will often be made clear depending on how you answer “How long can we go without _____”. In the event of a catastrophic loss or network outage, how long are you willing to go without email, internet, network access to documents, etc? The quicker the recovery goal, the more robust your backup resources need to be.

Testing and Reporting

No emergency plans are complete without regular testing and reporting. Imagine the feeling of trying to retrieve a desperately needed backup, only to discover it was not successfully running. Having an IT “fire drill” is a great way to discover hiccups or problems with your process.

Configuring Backup

Based on your goals, we can implement backup solutions with appropriate capacity and abilities. This enables you to gain access to critical data quickly and spend less time searching for information. You can choose between on-premises options, cloud based, or a hybrid approach.

Establishing and Documenting Policies

An important, but often forgotten part is implementing policies and an action plan showing the steps of getting back to work successfully. These policies should answer questions like, “If your building is destroyed, how will you go about obtaining new equipment?” “Are passwords securely stored and how will they be accessed in emergencies?” “If the IT Admin is not available, how will admin level tasks be completed?”

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