Protecting your network and data

Cybercrime is a booming business. Damages from cybercrime are estimated to cost $6 trillion dollars this year. Today’s IT networks are more complex than ever due to the sheer volume of devices that need to connect, often remotely. Vulnerabilities, loopholes, and zero-day attacks can be impossible to predict. There is no single solution that solves these problems, but rather there are two essential concepts: A multi-layered approach and ongoing management.

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Protecting your network and data

Multi-Layered Security 
We start by researching vendors who develop technology with the highest standards. Our next step is to analyze your network to tailor a protection strategy to fit your needs. It is essential to implement solutions that defend from all threat vectors. A well-rounded security plan is required in order to prevent any backdoor vulnerabilities. Organizations often forget to properly secure things like IOT/smart devices, login portals, or obsolete technology. In addition, we provide training and policies to prevent your employees from becoming the weak link. A well-trained, security conscious user is often the best defense against cyber threats.  

Ongoing Management 
Protecting a network requires proactive policies, consistent monitoring, and immediate threat response. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and keeping your technology up to date often prevents a threat up front. Whether this means replacing old equipment or updating firmware, we empower you to quickly address these needs before they become issues. In the event that a threat materializes, our management systems allow us to identify affected elements and push critical updates quickly and efficiently.

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