Professional Equipment Purchasing & Support

With a slew of options to consider in today’s PC and server market, it can be hard making the right decision. The experienced team at Standard Computer Systems, Inc. will work with you and your organization to identify your specific needs, implement efficient solutions, and provide ongoing support.

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Planning & Purchasing

Before searching the depths of the internet for the best bargain basement deals, let us sit down with you to discuss what you really need. We can analyze required processing power, storage and memory by evaluating the applications you’re running, what you need to store, your budget, and more. Whether you need a single machine, or a rack full of servers, we’ll help you make a responsible decision, balancing performance, budget and productive longevity. Once a plan is in place, we’ll handle purchasing and delivery for you as well.

Setup for Success

Before we deliver your new equipment, we’ll get everything setup for you ahead of time, so that you can power up and get to work right away. This includes setting up the best antivirus software, installing and licensing necessary applications, configuring network and workgroup settings as needed, connecting with Office 365, and more. We’ll also take the time to sit down and show you what’s new with your equipment. 

Product Support

Once your equipment is in place, we’ll be there to support it. We offer ongoing managed services solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes, around the West Michigan area. We can also provide warranty service for many manufactures, including HP, Ricoh, Nobilis, Canon and more.

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Solutions at a Glance...

Need to replace a laptop, upgrade 100 workstations, or become more mobile by migrating to a tablet? We can provide guidance in the decision-making process, purchasing assistance and system setup & configuration.

  • Purchasing Consultation
  • Custom System Solutions
  • System Configuration
  • Software Purchasing
  • Server Sales & Service
  • Software Configuration
  • Anti-Virus & Spyware Protection
  • Hardware Acquisition & Support
  • Notebook & Desktop Solutions
  • Tablet & Surface Support
  • Warranty Service
  • VoIP Setup