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"Work from home" isn't going away: 5 reasons to invest in your IT infrastructure

Even as the country tries to re-open from the shutdown, remote work is not going away anytime soon. Here are 5 reasons why your organization should invest in its IT infrastructure to support remote users.

  1. You can take advantage of the efficiencies of having employees work remotely. Many organizations are making permanent adjustments and shifting jobs to be remote.

  2. A company with an established, robust, modern IT network will be able to adapt more quickly to new situations, experience less risk, and benefit from increased flexibility.

  3. Having job positions with the ability to work remotely will make your company more attractive to new talent. More and more members of the workforce will prioritize the convenience of working remotely. 

  4. Even "normal" fevers and colds could cause employees to be sent home this year since companies have to be cautious.

  5. The elephant in the room: there could be a future wave of COVID-19 cases that results in another shutdown.

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