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ManagedIT: Boosting your productivity and ROI

In today’s fast-paced technology landscape, you need a partner you can trust to manage your infrastructure. Your business should be focused on revenue generating activities, and that is impossible if your IT is dragging you down.

Our MangedIT service is the perfect solution to make sure you maximize productivity and the ROI of your technology. Through on-site support and ongoing remote management and monitoring, we’ll keep your servers up to speed, your computers patched, your files backed up and your network secured.

How does our ManagedIT service work?

First, we’ll work with you to assess your company’s current IT situation. We’ll discuss your organizational goals, review your budget, and take a look at your existing equipment.

From there, we’ll provide you with a customized ManagedIT service plan, tailored to meet your needs.

Once the plan is approved, we’ll go through the on-boarding process of setting up security and monitoring software on the devices included in the plan, providing training on how to communicate with our support staff, and documenting the issues we find and address.

Finally, we’ll provide you with ongoing remote management, meet with you routinely to review your technology health status, make IT recommendations, and much more.

Can we schedule a complimentary network assessment and consultation to see how our MangedIT could benefit your business or non-profit?