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Is your IT department coronavirus-proof?

Traditionally, we think of Disaster Recovery as a way to combat things like physical calamity, data loss, and criminal acts, but what if something happens to your IT manager? Are you prepared? By identifying problems before they happen, and putting a plan in place, you can position your business to tackle every obstacle.

Many businesses use the “bus test” as an extreme What if. What if a key employee gets hit by a bus? Are certain tasks jeopardized because only they can do it? With the rise of COVID-19, this is becoming an even more important question to ask. What if they get sick, quarantined, or worse? What if your IT admin tests positive and is stuck in a hospital? Are processes documented? Can your team continue to function? If you don’t have a plan B it may take weeks or months to get back to normal as you scramble to find passwords and learn how to administer your business applications.

If you need to develop or strengthen your contingency plans, call Standard Computer Systems today. We are here to partner with you and your IT manager so that your business is equipped to maintain productivity no matter the circumstances. It's not pleasant to think about, but it pays to plan ahead.